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Smart Notes 2 Couch

Smart Notes 2 Couch is awesome tool, which can migrate your Lotus Domino data to CouchDB data. It's free and it's open source.

Why do you need this?

Do you have Lotus Domino database wich you would like to export to CouchDB?

How Smart Reports can help you?

You could easily migrate Lotus Domino database documents to CouchDB documents just by filling in couple of fields.


  • Migrate Lotus Domino documents to CouchDB documents
  • Simple configuration
  • Process logging
  • It's free, it's open


This awesome tool can migrate your Domino data to CouchDB data. There is one known issue, it lose rich text field formatting. We have plants to fix it, but as it free, we don't know when we have enough time to accomplish this. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome here. Download file

For more information about Smart Notes 2 Couch, please send email to